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        STORY PAGE2

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  These link pages are on battles
 of Alexander the great and Darius.


  Leaving Jerusalem withJeremiahs
blessing, and gods power,he approachs
Darius Egypt, who had orders to resist

           Ancient Ruins



 Having taken Egypt after a bitter
struggle, Alexander was informed
of Darius spies, he sets out to
           deceive them.

      Alexander as
     a young solider



  Darius after a bitter defeat, flees
to Babylon and then in secert to
Persopolis.Alexander not knowing
       this attacks Babylon.

               Fighting alexander



  Darius seeing his defeat,sends his
beloved general on a suicide mission
to kill Alexander,disquised as a
         Macedonian solider.

      Gold coin Alexander


  Alexander angry at this,deceides
to go to Darius camp as his own
messenger, to spy before the final battle.

          Golden picture
            of Alexander.

                       OLD ATHENS






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